Amazing Surreal Shark Photoshop Tutorial You Have to Try

Create a new document 900×600 px. Save this file and (optional) name it “Fisherman”. Open the “Sky” photo and make a copy of the whole image by pressing Ctrl + A. Make a copy by pressing Ctrl + C. Go back to the “Fisherman” file and paste the copied file by pressing Ctrl + V. Use Free Transform (you can free transform layers by pressing Ctrl + T) to place the sky as I did in the image below.


Step 2

Create a clipped curves adjustment layer (there are a lot of tutorial on clipping photoshop layers, it is suffice to say that in order to clip a layer to another you alt click between the two layers in the layer palette). Below are the settings I used in order to change the color of the sky (drag the blue curve up and the red curve down).


Step 3

Import the moon brushes. Create a new layer and create a new moon as I did. Group the layers together (Ctrl + G)(to keep the file tidy) and name it Sky.


Step 4

Open the image “Underwater”. Select all, copy and paste into the “Fisherman” scene just as we did in step 1. Resize it as shown in the image below (with free transform  Ctrl + T).


Step 5

Create a layer mask for the underwater layer (Layer -> Layer Mask -> Reveal All or you can click on the little icon in the layer palette). Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the upper half. Make the foreground and background colors default ( shortcut D) and click the layer mask to make sure it is selected. Press Alt + Delete to fill the selection with black.


Step 6

Create a new layer and fill it with #79a272 color (a green color). Change the blending mode to overlay. Create a layer mask for this layer. Choose the Gradient Tool and while holding Shift drag from the upper portion of the image to the lower in order to create the effect shown below (remember, in the layer mask and not over the color layer).


Step 7

Import the Bubble brushes. Create a new layer and use the bubble brush as I did in the image below.


Step 8

Import the Fish brushes. Create a new layer and use one of the fish brushes to create a couple of small black fish in the underwater. Lower the opacity of the fish layer to 50%.


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