How to Create This Stunningly Surreal Artwork of a Secret Temple Above the Sky

For the first step is skecth your ideas, in this step we will create a sketch of the idea that we have. the purpose of this sketch is to give us a reference for the next steps, so that we can know what kind of photos we will take photos or search.


Step 2

After we know what is going to be made, the next step is taking photos, which must be considered is the perspective and light. These are some photos I took when I hike in the mountains Lawu, Indonesia. you can see my DeviantArt link for more stock.


Step 3

Now, we work with photoshop to combine the photos into a scene that we want. The first step, create a new document, Go to File > New or the short key Cmd /Ctrl+ N. A blank document with size of 3000 pixels wide and 2000 pixels high.


Step 4

Then, we add the photos. Go to File > Place and select the photos.


Step 5

add the photos “sky2” to document.


Step 6

After add the photos, then stretch, like shown in the image below. When you put the picture it automatically in the transformation. But if not, transform the landscape, press the short key Cmd /Ctrl+ T or go to Edit > Transform > Scale. Pull the black cubes in the corners to the formed frame.


Step 7

Then, add the “sky3” to document, Go to File > Place and select the photos. then put the image as like shown in the image below.


Step 8

Add a layer mask to this image by clicking on the icon mask in the Layers panel.


Step 9

Now, with selected layer mask, active the Gradient Tool (Shortcut G), make sure color of foreground default black & wahite (press D) than click and drag from down to top. it will make like shown in the image below.


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