Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

Let’s start by creating new file – File > New.step-001

Step 2

Add new Adjustment layer with Solid Color. It will be our background. I used #141414, but you can pick any other color for your work :).step-002

Step 3

Add another adjustment layer with Gradient fill. Here you will create a vignette effect.step-003

Step 4

You should make your picture more deeper. Add new layer. In your color picker pick black and white. Then, go to Filter > Render > Clouds.step-004

Step 5

Pick gradient tool. Draw black-transparent gradient on created layer, as shown.step-005

Step 6

Now, add mask to created layer. Use gradient tool, for masking. I’ve choosen black-white radial gradient with small radius.step-006

Step 7

Place “Forest stock” to your file.step-007Go to top menu. Choose filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.step-007aIn your color picker set black and gray colors. Click on canvas next to your layer (mask). Then, add radial gradient by gradient tool.step-007b

Step 8

Add adjustment layer with Color/Balance. You’ll make colors cooler xD.step-008

Step 9

Again you should use technique which makes picture deeper. Add new layer. In your color picker set black and white colors. Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.step-009Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Rendered clouds are really sharp.step-009aChange blending mode to Overlay, decrease opacity to 55%.step-009b

Step 10

Now you’ll draw glow. Pick blue color. Use Soft brush with decreased opacity (around 50%). Draw some strokes on trees and draw some random dots on grass.step-0010Add blur for this layer. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.step-0010aAt the end of this step, change opacity to 25%.step-0010b

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