Create a Fantasy Moonlight Emotional Manipulation In Photoshop

First of all download all the resources and keep them in a folder that makes easy to follow the tutorial.Now, start by making the new document, Go to file>New set the setting as shown in the image below or start by opening the foggy morning image


Step 2

Then place the foggy morning in the document.Go to file>place and select the foggy morning image.


Step 3

Apply mask to the image by clicking on add layer mask icon on layer Panel and activate the gradient tool by pressing G on the keyboard and set it to Linear and black to white. Holding the shift the key apply the gradient vertically.The result should be as shown in the image below:


Step 4

Now place the mad sky 4 image below the foggy morning


Step 5

Now click on the layer mask of the foggy morning and select brush tool by pressing (B),opacity and flow to 40% and start painting like as shown in the layer mask below and the result should be similar this.


Step 6

Now click on new adjustment layer icon on the layer Panel and choose curves adjustment layer.Apply it to mad sky 4 as shown in the image below and result should be like this.


Here is the result.


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