How to Add a Mermaid to a Dark Bleak Landscape

Open Photoshop and create a new document (File > New…). Set its dimensions on 3500 x 2300px. Press OK. Download the stock photo of rocks listed in the beginning of the tutorial under Tutorial Resources […]

Create a Pixel-Perfect Notebook Icon in Photoshop

Open up Photoshop and create new document Step 2 Open the Wooden background , press Ctrl+ T to scale it fit to our background.Now Image > Adjustment> Curve, like this image – Step 3 And […]

Create a Fantasy Warrior Painting From Scratch

Start with a basic sketch of the pose of your character. No details, just rough lines. If you don’t feel so sure about your anatomy/pose skills, don’t hesitate to use one of SenshiStock references (link […]

A Gate of New Hope Photoshop Tutorial

Now, let’s start by creating a new image file, go to the Menu bar and click File > New, and then input the following values on their respective fields Step 2 Now, place Background photo […]