How to Create a Surreal Head Stack in Photoshop

Download and Open in Photoshop the Rural Self Portrait photo. Using Rectangular Marquee tool, create selection around the head and shoulder area like on the screenshot. Step 2 Use Image> Crop to crop selected area, deselect with Ctrl+D. Now we get a nice […]

Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

Let’s start by creating new file – File > New. Step 2 Add new Adjustment layer with Solid Color. It will be our background. I used #141414, but you can pick any other color for […]

Create a Hungry Bear Composite in Photoshop

Let’s start with creating new document in Photoshop. Go to File > New .. Set its Width on 862px, Height on 1168px and Resolution on 300Pixels/Inch. Press OK. Step 2 Now, Place Land Stock and […]

Create a Surreal Secret Mission Scene in Photoshop

First I opened up a new document named “Loading Bay”. Size was 1920×1080, Resolution 200 Pixels/Inch. Go to File > Place Embedded, and open “Container Vessel” image. Resize it (Cmd/Ctrl + T or go to […]